Rand and Cynthia Speyrer's Advanced Cajun Dancing (DVD)


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Rand and Cynthia Speyrer’s Advanced Cajun Dancing includes step-by-step instructions, teaching you to Cajun dance in minutes. It’s EASY and FUN! Learn advanced moves for the Cajun Jitterbug & Troika (folk dance for 3 people). BONUS: This DVD also contains a short documentary on the Cajun culture.

Jitterbug Lessons Include:
Behind the Back (1) Behind the Back (2)
Reverse Side-By-Side Crossed-Hands Move
Windmill Julie Turn
Little Window Big Window
Tunnel Sweetheart Chain
Pretzel Reverse Pretzel
Crawfish St. Charles
Troika Lessons Include:
Patty Cake Spin
Weave Sweetheart
Pinwheel Window

DVD, 1 hour