A Brief History…

Jamey Bearb is normally known as a fiddle player and vocalist, in the 4Horses, he is featured on Accordion and vocals.  Accordion is actually the first instrument he learned from his dad Ricky Bearb. The talent of playing musical instruments has been passed down from many generations in his family. Jamey’s dad Ricky played Accordion, his grandfather Ernest played fiddle, and great grandfather Pierre played Accordion as well. On accordion Jamey has recorded as a special guest on recordings for Rufus Thibodeaux, Tony Thibodeaux, Vin Bruce, and Camey Doucet. But this time Jamey gets to play the songs that Cajun music fans have requested him to record again and again. And also the huge honor of not only recording a new song written by the legendary Belton Richard but also to compose the music. Jamey would like to dedicate this album in memory of Randy Falcon, and Yvonne Bart.              

Kevin Dugas is the son of Nolan and Geraldine Dugas and has been exposed to Cajun Music his entire life.  At an early age, he began playing drums with several Cajun bands  until he joined the legendary Belton Richard and the Musical Aces.  He later joined Walter Mouton and the Scott Playboys and then on to join Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys for 30+ years and was blessed to receive four grammy nomination. He founded the super group High Performance which has been together for 14 years.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, the band 4Horses was formed, opening up a new chapter in his life and in turn, Kevin resigned from the Mamou Playboys. He now works at PeeWee’s Paint and Body Shop during the week and on weekends he performs with the 4Horses, High Performance and any other bands that need his dancehall inspired playing on drums.

Richard “T-Coe” Comeaux has been playing since the age of 13, inspired by his Dad Camille Louis Comeaux Jr. who played and recorded with Adam Hebert in the 60’s. T-Coe started playing traditional Cajun Music first with bands like Jambalaya, Wayne Toups, Nolan Dugas & others. Cajun Music is his first Love. At 18, he got his first Pedal Steel. One of his main influences, Milton Guilbeau got him started in the right direction, and was an amazing teacher! With years of practice and playing gigs, he plays by ear and expresses his soul in each note. The highlight of his career was in the 90’s when he recorded in Nashville with the band River Road. Now, he is returning to his ”Cajun Music” roots with the best Musicians and human beings on the planet!!

Brazos Huval is a 43-year-old musician, musical instructor, and native and resident of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. He grew up in a large musical family, and as a result, he began playing music himself at the age of 13. He started off learning to play the saxophone and over the years, he has learned many other instruments, some of which include the bass, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and piano. Playing music has presented him many opportunities over the years. He toured the world for 18 years and was even nominated for 3 Grammy awards. However, his proudest accomplishment is the success of his music school and students. He enjoys nothing more than preserving his Cajun heritage through teaching its music to the younger generation. Since 2008, he’s taught over 1,000 students from across Louisiana, and his music school was nominated twice and awarded “Times of Acadiana’s Best Music School.”