Swallow Cajun Pioneer Series

The Swallow Cajun Pioneer Series is a series of recordings of authentic Cajun French musicians/songwriters who undeniably have set their ‘brick’ in the foundation of Cajun Music. Though these artists probably were very young and possibly not even born yet at the time of the legendary initial recordings of Cajun and Creole music in the 1920s, their contributions are no less significant and today, are some of the best known times in Cajun music. They carried the cultural ‘torch’ at a time when being a “Cajun” wasn’t very honorable. These artists have done their part to help preserve the Cajun French culture by performing and composing many works of original Cajun French music – not only through their voices, and instruments, but mainly through their souls. Their works are some of the most commonly performed and recorded Cajun music today. The designation and inclusion in this series is a tribute to their contribution to the Cajun culture by their own sweet art of music.