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Hailing from Lockport, Louisiana in Lafourche Parish, Deuce of Hearts is the extraordinary father-son team of Gary and Travis Thibodaux. Gary is a seasoned musician with well over 20 years of experience under his belt. His son Travis began playing the drums at only 3 years old and began composing music at the tender age of 12. His top hit “Take My Hand” displayed the influence of his father combined with his own unique style of writing. Recorded by Wayne Toups in 1995, it quickly became a favorite on many local radio stations. Gary’s “Time and Time Again” is available on JIN’s CD compilation entitled “Swamp Gold Volume 4.”


The Sun Herald – South Mississippi
Deuce Of Hearts “The Best Of Deuce of Hearts”

A father-son duo from Lafouche Parish, Gary and Travis Thibodaux began playing and writing as Deuce Of Hearts in 1988. Gary has more than 20 years of experience as a singer-songwriter, and Travis began drumming at age 3 and composing songs at age 12. They have built a considerable repertoire of songs and recordings in the Swamp Pop field. “Take My Hand,” their debut single, was released in 1994 and made the Top 10 of several South Louisiana radio stations. They were signed by JIN shortly thereafter. Wayne Toups covered the song on his best-selling album in 1995. This disc compiles the highlights of Deuce of Hearts’ first three albums: “Oh What A Night” (JIN), “Long Overdue” (JIN), and “Hearts On Fire” (independently released). this Thibodaux twosome has been working on solo projects, but they also plan to keep working as Deuce of Hearts. Gary and Wayne handle most of the vocals, with assistance from Willie T and Kelly Griffin as occasional background singers. they also play keyboards, guitars, bass and drums with help from Nelson Blanchard (keys, guitar) and a host of other South Louisiana stalwarts. Travis’ voice is the higher of the two, he sings lead on “Take My Hand” and “What Do You Think A Heart Is For” as well as several others. Gary’s vocals take center stage on such songs as “Ring Ring That Phone Again” and the tearful “Talk To Me In Heaven.” Coast listeners who dig classic Swamp Pop will really enjoy this album.

By Ricky Flake