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Every 10 years or so, a group of young musicians emerge to bring the deep traditional Cajun music back, and right now its the Lost Bayou Ramblers who blaze their fire on the scene.‘ -Cecil Doyle, 88.7 KRVS Radio Acadie, Lafayette, LAGrowing up in Pilette, Louisiana (between Broussard and Lafayette), Louis (fiddle and vocals) and Andre (accordion) Michot were immersed in roots Cajun music from birth, primarily since their father and uncles were already touring the world playing traditional songs as the band Les Freres Michot. After a decade of “initiation” on triangle, guitar, and bass, Andre and Louis felt they were prepared to take on the lead instruments – accordion and violin – and pick up the torch as the next generation in the evolution of their musical heritage.

When the brothers matched up with Chris “Oscar” Courville’s bass-stomp centered drumming and uncle David Michot’s (original member of Les Freres Michot) steady rhythm guitar, the band began to play their “deep swamp beat” around Acadiana. Since starting out in 1999 they have added numerous original songs to compliment their vast Cajun repertoire of early accordion dancehall tunes, pre-century fiddling, and Cajun swing. It all mixes together to form a definitive sound – capturing the “roots” spirit of their culture’s unique music while initiating a renewed cultural identity and pride among their generation.

Whether they play in the acoustic bal de maison (accordion-fiddle-triangle) arrangement, or the amplified club/dance-hall band (accordion, fiddle, guitar, stand-up bass, drum set) the Lost Bayou Ramblers bring with them a new, true roots Cajun music no matter how far from Acadiana they travel.


Cajun Corner November 2005
Lost Bayou Ramblers “Bayou Perdu”

After an independent recorded CD (“Un Tit Gout”) and a great first nationally distributed CD (“Pilette Breakdown”) another one couldn’t stay out long for the Lost Bayou Ramblers. The name of this brand new jewel (on ‘Swallow Records’) is “Bayou Perdu”, which means “Lost Bayou”. The Ramblers again bring a fantastic combination of good ol’ Cajun and Western Swing to keep the music style of Harry Choates and early Hackberry Ramblers alive. Opener is the great “Pine Island” from J.B. Fusilier & Miller’s Merrymakers. This beauty is pretty much alike Shirley Bergeron’s “Quel Etoille”. “Hot Shoes” is a short instrumental where the brothers Louis and André Michot play the pure Cajun sound from Octa Clark and Hector Duhon. Hackberry Ramblers’ joyful Cajun Swing is perfectly honored with “Faut Pas Tu Brailles” and “Une Piastre Ici, Une Piastre Là-Bas”. It’s real hard not to dance on the fantastic David & Louis Michot original “Bayou Perdu”. No doubt this will be a real Cajun dancefloor hit! Louis Michot also put his creative pen on “Mexico One Step” (another very danceable highlight), “Chers Yeux Bruns” (an up-tempo waltz), “Le Blues de la Ville Platte” (a Cajun waltz) “North Louisiana Blues”, “Papa Lou Hop” (2 great instrumental Cajun Two-Steps) and “Blue Moon Special” (based on Austin Pitre’s “Flammes D’Enfer”). Lost Bayou Ramblers demonstrate their Western Swing and Cajun Swing influences on “Pilette High Society” and “Tite Fille de Lafayette”. “Les Temps Après Fini” could be a perfect background track for a documentary about South West Louisiana & a wonderful CD by a wonderful band!

By Yvieboy

Zydeco Road April 2007
The Mello Joy Boys presented by the Lost Bayou Ramblers “Une Tasse Cafe”

The Mellow Joy Boy’s brand of Cajun Swing is as pure as the taste of the Louisiana coffee first brewed in 1936 that they took their name from.  The band is actually a hybrid identity for The Lost Bayou Ramblers that seem to be lost in the 30’s and hell bent on providing authentic interpretations of depression era Cajun and western swing.  The end result is that “Une Tasse Cafe” (A Cup of Coffee) isn’t for anyone that hasn’t already developed a taste for Cajun music.  The material is antique Cajun swing and includes traditional fare inspired by such acadiana musical historians as: The Hackberry Ramblers “Josephine;” The Walker Brothers “Louisiana Breakdown;” and Harry Choates “Devil on the Bayou.”  I must admit that I particularly enjoyed “Mon Soleil” and “Johnny.”

“Une Tasse Cafe” is the kind of CD you listen too while sitting on your front porch on a hot summer night with nothing else to do but count fire flys.  You can tap your feet and even waltz around your parlor to The Mellow Joy Boys sound.  It’s all here! fiddles, banjos, guitars and that high pitched twang of a real Cajun caller.  The group of crafty musicians capable of transporting you back in time include Chris Courville (percussion), Alan LaFleur (upright bass), Wilson Savoy (piano and vocals), Louis Michot (fiddle and vocals), Andre Michot (lap steel and guitars), and Jon Bertrans (guitars and vocals).

“Une Tasse Cafe” is an acquired taste for pure traditionalist of the Caun music genre.  The CD earns 2-peppers!

by Paule Pachter

Zydeco Road January 2008
The Lost Bayou Ramblers “A La Blue Moon”

There’s no surprise that Louis Michot and the Lost Bayou Ramblers have been nominated for a Grammy Award for their latest release, “Live A La Blue Moon.” When it comes to pure, simple, unabashed great Cajun music heavy on the fiddle and French lyrics, The Lost Bayou Ramblers are one of the best at interpreting the genre. There’s nothing polished or overproduced about the Lost Bayou Ramblers. Their music is sweet, pure and guaranteed to make you waltz or two-step around the dance floor or across your living room.  The Lost Bayou Ramblers play the kind of front porch Cajun that relies upon basic instrumentation, crisp French vocals and a sound that can only come from feeling this music deep in your soul. Recorded Live, the Lost Bayou Ramblers are at their best on “A La Blue Moon.” Among the most enjoyable of the eighteen tracks captured at the Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette, Louisiana are: “Bayou Perdu;” “J’Etais au Bal (Fariad);” “Moi J’Connais Pas;” “Lacassine Special;” “Blues de la Frontier;” and “Bosco Stomp.”  The Lost Bayou Ramblers are: Louis Michot (fiddle and vocals); Andre Michot (accordion and lap steel); Chris Courville (percussion); Alan LaFleur (upright bass); Cavan Curruth (guitar and vocals).

by: Paule Pachter

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