High Performance – Live from Breaux Bridge …part One CD


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“Sit back, Turn it up, Hook up the mule, Cause the wagon is loaded!” This type of band has been an idea of Kevin Dugas and Steve Riley for over ten years now. The idea was there, but nothing was ever put together until the middle of 2008. When Kevin put this group of guys together, they knew that there was something special. So they recorded a live gig, and this recording is the product of that night in Breaux Bridge. The idea was to take the twin fiddles and powerful steel guitar sounds of Belton Richard and Aldus Roger, bring that sound back to life, and modernize that sound. Keeping the traditional sound of that era alive is the passion of this group. But with the modern technology of today, it’s more like “1960s dance hall music on steroids!” The High Performance group consists of Kevin Dugas, Jamey Bearb, Steve Riley, Jason Bergeron, Richard Comeaux and Brazos Huval. Special guests include Nolan Dugas, Michael Dugas, Scott Ardoin, Vernon Bergeron and Paul “Bird” Delafose. Released in March 2009, 17 tracks.

*High Performance racked up numerous awards at the 2010 Cajun French Music Association (CFMA) held on Friday, August 20th. Jamey Bearb took home Fiddler of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year; Steve Riley won Accordionist of the Year; LIVE FROM BREAUX BRIDGE won Best CD; and High Perfomance (as a group) won Band of the Year and the People’s Choice Award!

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