Lee Benoit – Ma petite femme CD


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Ma Petite Femme features not only top notch performances by Lee Benoit but also top notch engineering and mastering by Lee, seamlessly bringing together his own multiple performances on many cuts and performances by Al Berard recorded separately at Berard’s studio. The song “Ma Petite Femme” received the CFMA 2006 Song of the Year Award. Valerie Benoit, who has lead vocals on two of the songs was named Female Vocalist of the Year, and Lee Benoit was named Male Vocalist of the Year. He also received the Accordionist of the Year Award. Lee obviously worked very hard on the CD, but what comes across is the beauty of the music, with everything in balance, including his vocals that are always clear and expressive. The liner notes include both French and English lyrics. Released in 2005, 12 tracks.