Ye Yaille Chere – Traditional Cajun Dance Music


A unique treasury of words and sheet music to 247 traditional and original Cajun songs, this book will be a valuable reference for anyone interested in Cajun music and culture. Collected, transcribed, and annotated by Raymond E. Francois. One of the most remarkable comprehensive collections of authentic Cajun sheet music and lyrics from southwest Louisiana, from 1900 and earlier to nearly 1970, ranging from old songs which have nearly been forgotten to the classic songs of the Cajun repertoire. Tunes, turns, chord changes, and words are documented in musical manuscript. Variations for many songs are included, and songs are cross-referenced to recordings and to related songs. Reminiscences by Cajun musicians and extensive notes provide a musical and cultural setting for the selections. Truly the “Encyclopedia of Cajun Music.”

Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 520
Orig. Publication Date: 1990
Dimensions: 8.5″ X 11″