Contes, Farces et Foleries by Marion Marcotte (Book+CD)


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Marion Marcotte, Contes, Farces et Foleries. Transcription, traduction et introduction de David Émile Marcantel, édité par Amanda LaFleur. Texte en français louisianais et anglais.

“Mémère and pépère always spoke French with their friends, but they didn’t teach it to us kids… I can understand a lot, but I can’t speak it. I wish they had taught us.”

Well, now pépère Marion Marcotte’s Contes, Farces et Foleries will teach you how to twist your tongue like a Cajun’s Cajun and you’ll [re]discover and laugh at the funniest, rowdiest, and rockin’est stories from the golden era of Louisiana music. For the first time, these tales have been gathered in book form and transcribed (with a superb English text on facing pages). But since these stories were meant first and foremost to be heard, the text comes with a CD of the original recordings so you can listen to authentic Louisiana French and learn to speak it with a fluency you never thought possible! Read the English, follow Marion Marcotte’s recording with the French text, copy the rhythm, accent and phrasing of his voice and do it out loud (better do this in your car!) In no time at all you’ll discover your inner Cajun. Mémère and pépère will be proud of you, and you’ll have a gift you can pass on to future generations of proud French-speaking Louisianians.  Book + CD only $14.95!

Format: Softcover
Page Count: 123
Orig. Publication Date: 2021
Dimensions: 5.5″ X 8.5″