Dennis Stroughmatt – Cadet Rouselle CD


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FRENCH CREOLE FIDDLE TUNES & BALLADS FROM OLD UPPER LOUISIANA, VOLUME II… With Cadet Rouselle, we continue to pay homage to the French Creole music and culture of Old Upper Louisiana. Music only becomes a part of history if it stops being played, and I don’t intend to stop playing anytime soon. We are fortunate that the cultural and musical links to our early French ancestors still remain and I feel blessed to have a musical journey with such a unique and almost secret American culture. It is my goal and the goal of the French Creole population here to share that secret with the world and reunite the French Midwest with the entirety of North American French heritage: Canada and Louisiana. We hope you enjoy the musical journey from Volume I to Volume II, and beyond.  ~D.Stroughmatt  Released in 2008, 16 tracks.

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