Huval Dupuy and Fuselier – Huval Dupuy and Fuselier Cajun Band CD


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Luke Huval (13), Cameron Dupuy (14), Zachary Fuselier (15) and Phillip Huval (17) have emerged as an important part of the next generation of Cajun music performers. Beyond being born into musical heritage handed down by either their parents or other family members, the band members were highly exposed to their rich local culture at a very young age. Along the way, they were immersed in the local Cajun music traditions by witnessing live performances and/or through the Louisiana public school French Immersion program efforts to help keep the Cajun French language alive. All four musicians have become musically adept, with each of them having already garnered awards through various competitions. Despite the proficiency they have already achieved in their musical skills, their passion for tradition is still very evident in their live and recorded performances. From a relationship perspective, the friendship and collaboration that has developed among the boys is as gratifying as is their inspired musical performances.  As one reviewer stated, “They don’t only sound great ‘for kids,’ they sound great… Period.” Released August 7, 2012, 14 tracks.