Jamie Bergeron – Your New CD


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It’s been 4 years since their last release, but with good reason… On November 14, 2008 in the early morning hours, Acadian Ambulance EMT veteran paramedic-Cajun/Zydeco artist Jamie Bergeron receive a call to respond to a house fire, unknowing that it was actually his own home burning. Within a short while, the devastating blaze left Jamie with nothing but his mother and the uniform he wore to work that night. Gone forever was the home he’d been raised in, along with 9 accordions, including his late father’s, 7 family pets, 2 vehicles, and many, many years of valuable possessions. But all of this didn’t keep him from performing that night with borrowed clothing; from his fiddle player’s shirt, to his brother-in-law’s underwear, a friend’s shoes and a neighbor’s kind donation of a new pair of jeans (which he wore for a week). “Ca c’est Cajun… I know dat’s right!” The wait has been long overdue and everyone has been asking, “When is your new CD coming out?” So raise the windows down, turn it up LOUD, and sing along like nobody’s listenin’… Released in October 2010, 14 tracks.