Michael Doucet (Beausoleil) – The Best of Beausoleil CD


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Beausoleil is one of the premiere Cajun bands in America. Featuring the fiddle playing of Michael Doucet, Beausoleil combines innovative contemporary sounds with traditional sounds deeply steeped in the styles of their native Louisiana. Michael Doucet and Arhoolie producer, Chris Strachwitz have handpicked their favorite sides from previous Beausoleil bestsellers for this eagerly awaited collection. French and English lyrics to all the songs included.  Released in 1997, 22 tracks, including:

01- Parlez nous a boire (Let’s Talk About Drinking)
02- Tous les deux pour la meme (For the Same Girl)
03- J’ai ete au zydeco (I Went to the Zydeco)
04- Voyage au mariage (My True Love)
05- Courtableau (Bayou Courtableau)
06- La valse des jonglemonts (The Pensive Waltz)
07- Mecredi soire passe (Last Wednesday Night)
08- Grand Mallet
09- Bee’s Blues
10- Shoo Black
11- Leger’s Chase (The Mardi Gras Song)
12- Je veux me marier (I Want to Marry)
13- Valse de Grand Meche (Waltz of the Big Marsh)
14- Joe Pitre’s So Bad
15- Creole French Blues
16- Chanson d’Acadie (Song for Acadia)
17- Le Bozo Two Step (instrumental)
18- Si j’aurais de ailes (If I Had Wings)
19- Chez Varise Connor (instrumental)
20- La chanson de cinquante sous (The Fifty Cents Song)
21- La valse du vacher (The Cowboy Waltz)
22- Hot Chili Mama

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