Pine Leaf Boys – La musique CD


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The Pine Leaf Boys are unique group of musicians. They are not family, but friends brought together by music. The music they play is a mix of old and new, but the tradition is strong as they each come from small towns in southwest Louisiana such as Iota, Eunice, Elton, and Durald. They have been raised and steeped in Cajun music since birth, and it is no surprise that they continue on the age-old tradition of playing Louisiana French music, but, at the same time, allowing it to breathe and evolve. Music evolves not because it is no good, but because it is alive and changes with the people who play it. This is their DEBUT CD. The Pine Leaf Boys consists of Wilson Savoy, Cedric Watson, Drew Simon, Jon Bertrand & Blake Miller. Released in 2007, 14 tracks.

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