The Best of the Cajun Hits, Vol. 3 – various artists CD


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from the original LP liner notes…

When an “outsider” comes to the beautiful Cajun Country in South Louisiana, one of their comments most often heard is, “These people really know how to enjoy life!” The first Cajun hit of this album collection just about says it all… “Hold My False Teeth and I’ll Show You How to Dance!” Cajuns, young and old, love their music and good times and they DO love to dance! Cajun music has held on through the years, passed on from generation to generation like the language and culture. The music has surely
helped to keep the language alive. The fa is-do-do {Cajun dance held in a home) has given way to the small night clubs throughout Acadiana that feature Cajun music on weekends, where friends and neighbors still get together to “pass a good time .” But, this outstanding collection of Cajun hits can be your fais-do-do instant mix just add a few good friends and neighbors, some ice cold brew, then move
the furniture a bit, roll up the rug, and let the good times roll!

Originally released on LP in 1978, for the very first time on CD! Also included here is Belton Richard’s “World in a Jug,” which was previously only released on 45rpm (SW 10189 – 1967).