Travis Matte – Dis Ain’tcha Momma’s Zodico CD


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Travis Matte is a top Cajun fiddler who decided to take his music in new directions, mastering the accordion and putting together a new band that quickly became the most popular party band in Acadiana. He originally called his group the Zydeco Kingpins (he has since dropped “Zydeco”). But, even though the title of the group’s first CD proclaims, “Dis Ain’tcha Momma’s Zodico,” the liner notes make it clear that Matte is not trying to reinvent himself as the next Keith Frank: Influenced by several genres of music such as Cajun, Zydeco, Swamp Pop, Rock, Country, and Alternative, Travis just doesn’t just like one style of music. As promised in the notes, Dis Ain’tcha Momma’s Zodico offers plenty of good music played well. Released in 2004, 14 tracks.