Louisiana Backroads – Louisiana Backroads CD


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Don’t miss the video for their breakout hit, “Free As the Wind,” on www.YouTube.com. Catch it here!

Louisiana Backroads was formed by Clyde Michael Hebert and Shay Lynn Dietz. We share a love for music and that is how the band came to be. We’ve been playing for just about a year together now and love to entertain people with our music. The type of music we play isn’t easily labeled. We create a variety of songs, from Country, Country Pop, to Americana. Our songs tell stories, a lot of those stories come from life’s experiences. Music is a powerful thing, our goal is to reach out and share ours with the public. This CD is a piece of our lives and a piece of our hearts and it gives us the opportunity to do just that, share our music. ~Shay Dietz. Louisiana Backroads, released April 2011, 12 tracks.