Cookie and the Cupcakes – Kings of Swamp Pop CD


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Kings of Swamp Pop is archetypal swamp music based on the Fats Domino hit sound from 1956-64, featuring vocalists Shelton Dunaway, Little Alfred, Carol Fran and Ernest Jacobs. It’s pretty hard to argue with the title on the strength of this definitive collection of tracks released on four local labels from 1956-1964. Just as the singer squadron does with the true-love and let’s-do-the-dance lyrical themes typical of the time, the arrangements find any number of ways to keep the music fresh within the hit formulas. The selections are programmed for listening, and even if the sound quality isn’t always pristine, the quality of the music rarely flags. Interesting liner notes take you behind the scene and set the social context. Released in 1997, 30 tracks.

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