Cypress City – Shake That Fess CD


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The original “Cajun Party Band,” now known as “Cypress City,” began entertaining audiences in 1985. Within a short time, The Party Band was widely recognized for it’s uniquely entertaining, energetically laid-back, good-time style of performances. Cypress City “spreads it thick” when it comes to it’s roots. The guys are hardly Cajun traditionalists by any means, but they’ve successfully managed to blend the thick accents, effects from generations of unique eating and drinking habits, and simplicities and complexities of the Cajun life of old into a modern sound that’s just plain fun to listen to. Their music is mostly original and it’s been described as Cajun, Zydeco, Swamp Pop, Swamp Rock, Swamp Country, Swamp Funk, and probably even Swamp Hip-Hop. But who cares what you call it, they play music that people recognize and enjoy and they sound great doing it! Released in 2005, 14 tracks.

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