Kane Glaze & Coozan – A Million Reasons Why CD


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In their own words, A MILLION REASONS WHY is the title of this project and also a lyric line in one of the songs. We felt this best summed up the many feelings we experienced doing this music. There is much more variety, ranging from the smooth country sounds of “Steady as She Goes” & “Cajun Man,” to the soulful feel of “These Arms of Mine,” “Blue Money” & “Your Eyes.” We’ve got the pop sound of “Mickie Mouse,” “Katie Did” and the R&R “Harry Biscuit & the Jam” & “Cotton Fields.” There are even some lov songs with “Eternity” & “Last Love Song” to put you in the mood! I guess there are a million reasons why we do what we do, as many as the stars in the sky, and hopefully always from our hearts.” Released in 2001, 18 tracks.

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