Raywood Baudoin – Raywood’s Swamp Pop Memories CD


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“Kudos to Raywood Baudoin (pronounced “beau-dwin”), for keeping our endemic Swamp Pop music in the limelight. Born in 1944, this Louisiana Hall of Fame member began his musical career at age 13 with Willie & the Jokers. In 1967, this accomplished guitarist refused a job with Hank Williams, Jr., opting to record and perform at local venues. The mellow sound of this experienced musician/singer gives credence to the versatility and talent abounding in South Louisiana. Our second is an agglomerate of New Orleans R&B, Cajun and Country, all blended to produce what British authors Bill Miller and John Broven labeled as Swamp Pop music. The session musicians were handpicked and represent the elite of local talent. You want country music done in Swamp Pop style, you’ve got it. You want rejuvenated classic Swamp Pop music, look no more. This album gives it all to you. If you’re an aficionado of South Louisiana music, this is a must for your collection.” ~Johnnie Allan. Musicians included are Raywood, Warren Storm, Chet Blakistone, Gene Romero, Percy Bernard, Sid Janice, Donnie Broussard, Jason Bergeron, Bob Hebert, Raylan Allemand, Charles Guilbeau, Mike Leger & Audre Deshotels. Released in December 2013, 14 tracks.