Guyland Leday – Welcome to My World CD


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“Lil Guyland” is back! Guyland Leday, born 9/29/1997, started on stage at the age of three with a toy accordion. He was always excited to be on stage trying his best to keep up with the music and dance steps that was performed. The look in his face showed that he was very serious about Zydeco. Guyland was constantly on stage with the Zydeco Force Band playing his toy accordion until one-day things changed. Guyland introduced himself to the band by sitting on an accordion case and showing the group that he was the real thing. He really knew how to play several songs on the accordion. He is a self-taught player, listening to every song that Zydeco Force and other bands played. Guyland Leday’s Welcome to My World has been a year-long project, focusing on this young musician’s talent as both a singer and musician. Not many young artists, if any, can play and sing as well, and here’s the proof. Released in November 2008, 16 tracks.

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