Matthew Courville - Avec un couer pour mon papa CD

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Matthew Courville, at the age of 10, was introduced to the accordion by Joel Martin. Five weeks later, Sheryl and Russel Cormier recognized his gift and invited him to make his first public appearance, performing “The Back Door” and “Jolie Blonde” with them at the Liberty Theater in Eunice, Louisiana. Over the next couple of years, Matthew was given the opportunity to perform with several prominent Cajun musicians, including Horace Trahan, Lee and Valerie Benoit, and more. By the age of 12, Matthew could sing and play the accordion, harmonica, guitar, saxophone and was a member of the Acadiana Conservatory of Music for piano. He is also a member of the Cajun French Music Association and was the 1999 New Dawn Award recipient for the Chapitre de Lafayette. Avec un coeur pour mon Pa Pa is Matthew’s debut album. Released in 1999, 14 tracks.

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