Dave Petitjean – Strictly Cajun CD


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The Cajun people are widely known for their “joie de vivre” (joy of living). Why do they feel that way? It most probably stems from the extreme hardships their ancestors experienced in the last 1750s when they had no choice but to make the best out of a terrible situation or it would destroy them. The greatest lesson the Cajuns learned was to love yourself, your life, and laugh at adversity. What do Cajuns like to laugh at? This CD will give you a good idea. Dave took choice excerpts from four of his previous hilarious live recordings to assemble this special example of the warm and happy feeling of the Cajun people of Louisiana. There are many humorists in the country but only a handful of real Cajun humorists. By adding the dialect of the Cajuns to the humor, you end up with a truly unique experience. While Dave Petitjean tells you about some of his friends and their experiences, what you get is humor through the eyes of a Cajun… a Cajun sharing his humorous experiences of life. Strictly Cajun includes over 1 full hour of classic Cajun stories that will help you “larn some good Cajun Ainglish” and have many laughs doing it! Released in 2002, 33 tracks

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