Jeb & Cousin Easy – Laughing with Jeb & Cousin Easy CD


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As one reviewer stated, “This album has been around a long time and is responsible for more laughs than the stars in the sky.” The King & Queen of Country comedy, Jeb and Cousin Easy share hilarious stories that will leave you in tears. Although the language is modest by today’s standards, the album’s subject matter is considered quite risque. It is done in a manner that young children will not get most of the innuendos, however parental guidance is advised. *Because of suggestive content, sound clips are not provided. Released in 1994, 11 tracks.

01. The Golf Game
02. My Name Is Mud
03. The Pool Game
04. Spanish Opera
05. Refrigeration Man
06. The Bullfighter
07. Dear John
08. A Job in the Oilfield
09. Ad-Libs
10. The Story of a Displeased President
11. Making Love Like the Oklahoma Indians