Louisiana Christmas – various artists CD


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Christmas time around the world is filled with tradition and celebrations. Families gather, children anticipate gifts and parties, generations join hands and the spirit of goodwill fills everyone. At Christmas time in Louisiana, as in most places, folks attend Church services and celebrate Christmas with families and friends, and enjoy the family closeness at that time of the year. But Christmas in Louisiana is in many different than most parts of the nation. Seldom do we have a “white” Christmas… ours is usually warm and very humid. Louisiana is also a place where everything is fair game to convert to a holiday theme… we’ve got alligators pulling Santa Clause with rubber boots in a pirogue (flat bottom row boat), all the way to crawfish and peppers decorating trees and mantels. There’s no horse drawn sleigh going over the river and through the woods, but often a four-wheeler ATV coming back from hunting or on it’s way to Grandma’s house to enjoy some good strong coffee and pecan pie, and maybe a little “seasoned” egg nog and mouth watering pralines. Louisiana’s Christmas music adds to the holiday good times and is as unique as its flavorful foods, a lot of it spiced up with New Orleans jazz and rhythm and blues, or with South Louisiana Cajun and Swamp Pop sounds, or with popular country music. This album is an excellent example of the wonderful array of holiday music heard in Louisiana at Christmas time, helping to make Christmas in Louisiana really special. Released in 1993, 14 tracks.