Allons au fais do-do – various artists CD


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excerpts from original LP liner notes:

“Translated literally, ‘Fais Do Do’ in French means to go to sleep. The Fais Do Do of which I write was designated with a different purpose in mind. It did anything but put anybody to sleep. Usually the Fais Do Do (a dance held in a house) was held strictly according to the whims of a housewife who had at least one young girl of marriageable age, and who was looking for a beau. Preparations for the dance were frantic with excitement. First, the living room had to be cleared of all furniture. Another preparation was to borrow lanterns from neighbors so that there would be one per room in the house, one hanging on each porch, and some hanging in the trees in the yard to keep the boys from kissing the girls. The “band” for the dance was comprised most often of an accordion and a fiddle accompanied by “les petite fers” (Cajun triangle) and they played only French Acadian folk music…” -Hasa Ortego

Originally released on LP in 1967, for the very first time on CD!