Hackberry Ramblers – Early Recordings: 1935 to 1950 CD


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Despite the relatively wide time span indicated by the title, actually all but two of these cuts were recorded in a short period of time, from 1935 to 1937 (the remaining pair were done in 1950). For the mid-’30s sessions, the only constant in the Hackberry Ramblers’ lineup was violinist and singer Luderin Darbone (who was still in the group when this CD was issued in 2003). This is important early Cajun music, somewhat modernized by 1930s standards in how it’s influenced by then-current American popular music, particularly Bob Wills’ Western swing. The sound quality is uneven, as is unavoidable given the age of the source material and original recording conditions, but is overall quite acceptable. A slightly more conventional country feel comes into play on the 1950 tracks. Released in 2003, 26 tracks.