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Among the ranks of great Cajun accordionists, Jo-El Sonnier stands tall. As a major purveyor of the traditional legacy of his culture, his records have won recognition with three Grammy nominations for Best Traditional Folk Album: with Cajun Life in 1984, Cajun Pride in 1997, and Cajun Blood in 1999. All of Sonnier’s music speaks to the great pride that the Cajun people take in their culture. So it is with a special feeling for the word that Jo-El Sonnier sings of Cajun Pride. Playing accordion and guitar on the album, Sonnier is joined by an array of fine musicians, including Michael Doucet, Tony Thibodeaux, David Doucet, Junior Martin, David Egan, Peter Schwartz, and Danny Zeringue. The play list on the CD reflects the Cajun reverence for tradition and love of dance, with old songs from the masters, traditional waltzes and two-steps, along with some tunes from the pen of Sonnier. There is also a fun-loving nod to the R&B genius of Chuck Berry: “Johnny B. Goode” goes Cajun in “Johnnie Fais Bien.” The rest of the pieces are just great old Cajun favorites, the kind that young and old alike can dance to at the fais do do, proudly enjoying the cultural heritage that is uniquely their own. ~ Rose of Sharon Witmer, All Music Guide. Released in 1997, 12 tracks.

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