Kevin Naquin – Mercredi soir passe CD


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Mercredi Soir Passe is Kevin’s most original record to date. For years, he has emulated his heroes, family and friends, his own grandfathers Edius Naquin and Hadley Fontenot, his mentor Don Montoucet, and his guiding star Steve Riley, in a way that honored them and the traditional process. Here, Kevin has stepped out of his apprenticeship and taken a bold step forward. He has found his own voice. The arrangements are his, the style his. The energy, the pase, the intensity are all his. The interesting thing about this declaration of independence is that he has done it in a way that continues to honor those from whom he learned, secure enough to grow into his own without rejecting his roots. ~Barry Jean Ancelet. Released in 2006, 15 tracks.

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