Leo Soileau – The Early Recordings of Leo Soileau CD


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Leo Soileau was one of the giant figures in Cajun music history. His early recordings from the late 1920s are both powerful and emotive, and rank among the all-time classics of Cajun music. Great contributions are also made on this album by legendary Cajun musicians and singers Mayeus LaFleur and Moise Robin. This CD is a major contribution to the history of early Cajun music and is jam-packed with brilliant musicianship. *Please note that it was compiled from extremely rare old 78s, which have been remastered to produce the best possible sound. However, the listener is advised to approach this CD in its historical perspective realizing that there are some imperfections and noise in the original recordings. These should be viewed as being of minor consequences in view of the considerable music and historical importance of this product. Released in 1999, 19 tracks.