Steve Riley – Voyageurs CD


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Back in 1992, I described the Mamou Playboys’ sound as “Cajun music with wind in its hair.” All these years later, these contemporary voyageurs are still driving a fast car with the top down. Their music continues to represent a commitment to both daring innovation and careful continuity. They continue to accept the challenge of creating within the genre while pushing its edges, exploring the past and the future, all driven by a level of musicianship that can be both subtle and breathtaking in the same moment, proving again and again that tradition is an ongoing process. When I was given an advance copy of this latest effort, I found myself wondering, “OK, now what?” And as I listened, I found myself thinking, “Wow! But, of course!” The creative energy pours in from all directions, the mark of Steve Riley’s deft leadership. Even the backline takes a few rides. Hell, if you’ve got a band packed with virtuosos like Kevin Wimmer, Sam Broussard, Kevin Dugas and Brazos Huval, turn ‘em loose and let ‘em do what they do. And then throw in Eric Adcock and Sweet Cecilia (Calie Guidry and Maegan Berard) for lagniappe… And we get to listen.  ~liner note excerpt from Barry Jean Ancelet, Professor of Francophone Studies and Folklore, UL. Released in April 2015, 13 tracks.