V.J. Boulet – Lil’ Bit O’ Dis’ Lil’ Bit O’ Dat CD


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V.J. Boulet, fondly known as “Boo” to his many friends, is an accomplished multi-genre songwriter and pianist whose songs have been recorded by many artists over the years, such as Freddie Fender, Clarence Frogman Henry, Jamie Bergeron, Jim Olivier, Jimmy C. Newman and more.  Although he did record one big hit (“Gratefully”) back in the 70s, he had never released a full album with only his music. After a suggestion by Floyd & Jinver Soileau of Floyd’s Record Shop, it was decided that this needed to change. LIL’ BIT O’ DIS, LIL’ BIT O’ DAT, as the name implies, gives you a little taste of what V.J. Boulet is all about. Here you’ll find a bit of Swamp Pop, Cajun, Country and even Christmas. Released in September 2022, 10 tracks.