Rufus Jagneaux – The Opelousas Sostan Collection


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Nearly 50 years ago…a group of south Louisiana musicians lived at a house with a pecan orchard in Lafayette and wrote some really cool stuff. One of the guys worked on projects with this guy in Ville Platte who had a kickin’ record shop and studio. They recorded several songs in sessions over a couple of years. One of the songs was a swingin’ chanky-chank tune that evoked feelings of euphoria as one daydreamed of the traveling “Sostan.” It was one of the biggest hits the region has ever seen…still today, one can barely attend a festival without hearing it or find a Louisiana jukebox without it. “Got to get it Poppa!”

Band members include Victor Palmer, Benny Graeff, Gary Graeff, Gare Hernandez, Bruce MacDonald, Steve Salter, Dana Breaux, Leroi Evans, Kenneth Blevins, Baco Latour, Charles Kimball, Ronnie Palmer & Jon Robert Smith

Release date: October 4, 2019, 26 tracks