Crosscut – Destination Anywhere CD


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From Jerry Sartain’s soulful crystal clear glass shattering vocals and his blistering guitar solos to Lavell Jones’ infectious pulsating drum grooves to bassist Terry Vieregge’s and keyboardist and harpist Chuck Mabrey’s soulful playing and tight vocal harmonies, you have the making of a must have album. Word of Crosscut’s dynamic sound has continued to spread since the 1999 release of their debut self-titled album on CSP Records. Destination Anywhere contains 16 tracks including 13 original tunes written and arranged by the members of Crosscut. The Legendary White Trash Horns provide fiery horn parts and arrangements throughout Crosscut’s great new album. The album spans Rock to Soul to Blues to Creole and beyond. Released in 2001, 16 tracks.

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