Gregg Martinez – Creole Soul CD


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A power vocalist recalling elements of Sam Cooke, Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrass, blue-eyed soul singer Gregg Martinez’s strength is in slow, emotion-drenching ballads where he can just let it rip at certain points during a song. But a whole album of that would be tough for most ears, which is one of Creole Soul’s strong points?a better balanced set of songs compared to 2011’s South of the Parish Line. The arrangements are full and rich, often boasting horns and a dollop of steel guitar and accordion, in addition to keys, guitar and rhythm section. Poppin’ tunes like Fats Domino’s “When I’m Walking” and Louisiana-themed songs “Bayou Girl” and “Fais Do Do“ are great party fodder while Merle Haggard’s swaggering “Today I Started Loving You Again” will keep ’em on the dance floor. Released December 3, 2013, 13 tracks.