Junior Dugas – Your Love Captured Me CD


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“I’ve been a musician since the age of 12. At the age of 14 I had a band. I played piano and sang. My little brother, Ricky Dugas played guitar, Brad Guilbeau played drums and Michael Meche played bass. We were the Acadiana Rascals. We were All 12-14 years old. We played in local bars and many parties. People loved the fact that we were so young and playing Swamp Pop music. We played for about 6 years, then we all got married eventually. I played with many other bands and sat in with Tommy McLain, Johnnie Allan, Johnny Sonnier, Bayou Country Band, Southern Drifters ,Don Rich, Perry James, Keith Mire, and many more. Back in the 80’s I recorded “Burning Again” and “Let Me Give My Heart To You.” These still play today on KBON. I just love Swamp Pop music, it’s in my blood. My friends and family wanted me to do something with my music, so I decided to go for it. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy playing it. I now own a studio, along with David Duhon and we love being in there doing what we love to do. I hope to keep this going for a long time.” ~Junior Dugas

Released in December 2018, 11 tracks.

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