The Later Jin Singles: The Promised Land – various artists CD


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This anthology’s predecessor, The Early Jin Singles: Southland Rock ‘n’ Roll, focused on singles released by Floyd Soileau’s Jin label between 1958-’61, which helped set the model for the swamp pop sound. The Later Jin Singles picks up right where that set left off, with 26 tracks from 1961-’76, though all but a handful of these are from the early to mid-’60s. It’s less rockabilly-oriented than the first volume, but otherwise the swamp pop on this CD is pretty similar to the sounds Jin had laid out in its earlier days. It’s got that same relaxed, unpredictably varying mix of several strains of Louisiana roots music: blues, country, rock & roll, doo wop, Cajun, and Zydeco. It’s exactly the kind of thing you’d like to have playing in the car if you’re driving through Cajun country and want some appropriate ambient music that you haven’t already heard dozens of times. Released in 2004, 26 tracks.