Boozoo Chavis – Johnnie Billy Goat CD


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Chavis is one of the key architects of what has become Zydeco music today, having released the fiirst record in the genre back in 1954 (the single “Paper In My Shoe”). After leaving the music business shortly thereafter, he returned to regular recording and performing in the mid ’80s. With Chavis on accordion and vocals, his outfit is a rhythm machine–subtle tensions layer upon one another with ferociously unstoppable intensity. Chavis has managed to create a body of music that is at once fiercely idiosyncratic and invitingly alluring. There’s not a note or beat throughout this whole anthology that’s anything short of fully honest and committed. Part of the Rounder Heritage series, this is a definitive collection of many of his best-known songs, along with three earth-moving live performances that have never before been released. Released in 2000, 22 tracks.

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