Clifton Chenier – Zydeco Legend CD


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Arguably the BEST collection of Zydeco King, Clifton Chenier’s music out there! Few artists can claim to have single-handedly invented a musical genre but Clifton Chenier comes very close. There were obviously antecedents to his style of music but it’s a good bet that if he had never come along Zydeco would be very different—or possibly not exist at all. The undisputed “King of Zydeco” for over four decades, Clifton mixed Cajun and Creole French music with blues, R&B, and rock & roll, and virtually invented both the musical style as well as the name, “Zydeco,” which is derived from a song he popularized, entitled “Les haricots (phonetically Zydeco) sont pas sales.” He is also credited with designing the modern rubboard ‘vest’ which is now used by most Zydeco bands. Zydeco Legend combines two best-selling LP’s from the Maison de Soul record label, including Boogie n’ Zydeco (MDS 1003), in 1977 & Country Boy Now Grammy Winner (MDS 1012), in 1984. Released in 1989, 18 tracks.

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