Geno Delafose – That’s What I’m Talking About CD


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This will stand as one of the finest Zydeco albums of the decade. Young Geno (age 24) plays in a more tuneful and traditional style than competitors on the 1990s South Louisiana Zydeco circuit, whose thumping dance-beats, one-chord riffs, and grunted lyrics constitute a sort of Zydeco / Hip-Hop synthesis. Geno instead draws inspiration from the older Creole songs of his father, John Delafose. But he hasn’t merely followed in his father’s footsteps; he’s outpaced him. His music has just the right combination of lilt and kick to it, thanks in large part to his cousin Jermaine Jack’s drum work. That’s What I’m Talking About! is like a Zydeco carousel that whirls you delightedly round and round. Geno handles button and piano-accordion proficiently, and his voice possesses that lovely “key of heartbreak” quality that characterizes the best South Louisiana music. ~ Steve Hoffman, All Music Guide  Released in 1996, 12 tracks.