Greg Benusa’s Workshop #1: Intermediate Zydeco & Cajun Dance (DVD)


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Louisiana Dance Home School – Workshop #1 with instructor Greg Benusa and partner Marain Fite. This DVD includes Beginning Zydeco, Cajun Waltz, Cajun Two Step & Cajun Jig, as well as 3 intermediate moves of each. 60 minutes of dance instruction. Intermediate Zydeco moves include: Double Gator Stomps, 360’s, Swivel’s. If your heading to Louisiana or just to a local dance this DVD will get you comfortable with all the dances you may see on the dance floor. The instruction is practiced first at very slow and then normal tempos as you feel more comfortable with the steps. Practice music suggestion list included inside case.

Features: Zydeco Lessons Covered: Cajun Lessons Covered:
  • Basic Zydeco Dance Instruction
  • Intermediate Moves
  • Beginning Cajun Waltz
  • Beginning Cajun Two Step & Jig
  • Intermediate Cajun Jig Moves
  • Practice Music Suggestion List
  • Many Lead & Follow tips
  • Closed Position
  • Dance Frame
  • Open Position
  • Closed to Open Position
  • 360’s
  • Double Gator Stomps
  • Zydeco Swivels
  • First practiced very slowly,
    then to normal speed tempos
  • Alternative teaching methods
  • Step together Step Touch
  • Slow quick quick Slow
  • Counting 1-8 counts
Cajun Waltz

  • Basic Waltz Footwork
  • Frame
  • Lead & Follow Tips

Cajun Jig

  • Basic Footwork & Weight Changes
  • Ladies Wrap
  • Side to Side
  • The Pretzel

Cajun Two Step

  • Basic Footwork
  • Push & Pulls for Connection
  • The Wrap
  • Side to Side Wraps
  • Hip to Hip
  • Lead & Follow Tips

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