Greg Benusa’s Workshop #2: Intermediate Zydeco & Cajun Dance (DVD)


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Louisiana Dance Home School – Workshop #2 Instructor Greg Benusa and partner Marian Fite. This DVD includes: Intermediate Zydeco Dance instruction, Beginning & Intermediate Cajun Waltz Dance instruction as well as covering the Zydeco Cha Cha Line Dance. Includes over 18 moves and 60 minutes of dance instruction, many lead and follow tips, and a reference chart to quickly locate moves. Zydeco moves include: Review of Zydeco Basic Step, Louisiana Floating Slide, Alternating Opens, Double Rock Step. Partner Toss, Zydeco Salsa, Flip Out, 180’s, 1/4 Turn Bump, Follow Spin Bump, Side By Side, Inside Turn, Twist & Tap, and Hand Toss Cajun. Waltz Moves include: Basic Waltz Step, Inside Turn, Outside Turn, and Ladies Wrap. 60 min. (2005) DVD All-Region.

Features: Zydeco Lessons Covered: Cajun Lessons Covered:
  • 11 Intermediate Zydeco Moves
  • 3 Advanced Zydeco Moves
  • 3 Intermediate Waltz Moves
  • Basic review of Zydeco & Waltz
  • Zydeco Cha Cha Line Dance
  • Many lead and follow tips


  • Basic Review
  • Hand Toss
  • Floating Slide
  • Flip Out
  • Side By Side
  • Alternating
  • Partner Toss
  • Twist and Tap
  • Zydeco Salsa
  • 180’s
  • Follow Spin Bump
  • Tap Slide
Cajun Waltz

  • Beginning Step
  • Inside Turn
  • Outside Turn
  • Ladies Wrap

Line Dance

  • Zydeco Cha Cha

Many of these moves were learned from watching moves we saw when attending festivals and workshops in Louisiana, Texas as well as other parts of the country.

After researching what moves were not covered on any video or DVD on the market this video was created to cover those specific moves. ~G. Benusa

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