Greg Benusa’s Workshop #3: Advanced & Intermediate Zydeco Dance (DVD)


Instructor Greg Benusa is back with his third volume of Louisiana Dance Home School. Over 80 minutes of dance instruction, including the Floating Slide, Lafayette Tap Slide, Inside Turn to Open Position, Walk Throughs, 180’s Counter Clock Wise, Zydeco Washing Machine, and many more (12 advanced and intermediate moves in all). The DVD menu lets you go directly to any move, making it quick & easy to get where you need to go.

Features: Zydeco Lessons Covered:
  • 80 MINUTES of dance instruction
  • Practice music at slow & normal tempos
  • 12 Advanced and Intermediate Moves
  • DVD Menu to go direct to any move
  • Music by Nooney & the Zydeco Floaters


  • The Floating Slide
  • Lafayette Tap Slide
  • Slide 360’s
  • The “V”
  • Reverse 360 Slide
  • Hand Toss with Floating Slide
  • Inside Turn to Open Position
  • 180’s Counter Clock Wise
  • Zydeco Washing Machine
  • Walk Throughs
  • Triple Step
  • Zydeco Swing 1/2 Turn
  • How to combine moves
Also available: Workshop #1, Workshop #2