Lee Benoit – Pour les generations a venir (For the Generations to Come) CD


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Before his death, Rev. Msgr. Jules O. Daigle predicted to members of the Cajun French Music Association that Cajun Music would save the language. Through his many recordings, Lee Benoit has pursued that philosophy. This album is the 6th in a series of his CDs and contains all new material. Lee has received numerous awards by the C.F.M.A. for recording the very best of Cajun music, vocals and themes. Lee has also received the C.F.M.A. Heritage Award, President’s Award and the coveted Award of Excellence for his professional abilities pertaining to his music, and attention to correctness and detail in the use of the Cajun language. I know you’ll enjoy these original recordings awakened by Lee through real Cajun music; and I want to thank him for this, and everything else that he does to preserve our Cajun ways. ~Maurice Lasserre. Released in April 2014, 12 tracks.