Travis Matte – Booty Zydeco CD


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Travis Matte & the Zydeco Kingpins really pushes the booty envelope with Booty Zydeco. Booty offers more posterior-oriented songs, including several with lyrics that can’t be played on the radio: “I’d Tap Dat,” “Slap That Ass,” and “Wam Bam Thank You Mam,” which, though it contains no four-letter words, has explicit sexual references. Several other songs focus on similar themes. All but three of the 21 cuts are originals. Everything is in English, but Matte does use the melody of a couple of Cajun songs, putting his own spin on things. The most popular song on the CD, at least for anyone with ties to LSU, is non-booty related. “Tiger Tailgate Party,” which has gotten a lot of airplay, hits all the right notes for any LSU fan. Released in 2006, 21 tracks.