Johnnie Allan – Something Old, Something New CD


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Since releasing the very first record by Johnnie Allan in 1958, I’ve been very fortunate to have recorded this internationally acclaimed artist/songwriter/performer for over 60 years now. Johnnie’s version of Chuck Berry’s “The Promised Land,” has been our top selling record, worldwide, in the history of Jin Records. Although he considered retiring from performing a few years ago, his devoted fans would not let that happen. He has continued to perform in Cajun country and makes yearly tours to Europe as well. His hit records include recordings in the Swamp Pop, Cajun, and Country music genres. When I called him about this new album release, I asked him to consider recording a Cajun French version of a legendary Ernest Tubb’s country classic, “Waltz Across Texas,” (a favorite of my wife, Jin, and I) but translate and change the lyrics to “Waltz Across Louisiana.” A day later, he phoned me with this beautiful Cajun translation. But, he also said that he had two new Cajun songs he had written to contribute to the new album…thus, the “something new.” For “something old,” we dug up ten of his past hits that haven’t been digitally re-issued on Jin Records since their original vinyl release. I hope you enjoy this wonderful album from this remarkable performer and personal friend of mine. -Floyd Soileau, JIN RECORDS, Ville Platte, Louisiana, “Swamp Pop Capital of the World!”

Release date: August 21, 2020, 13 tracks

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