Greg Benusa’s Louisiana Dance Home School: Workshop #4 (DVD)


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Dance Instructor Greg Benusa has a passion for sharing the wonderful dance with others so together with partner Chearl McKee this DVD #4 has been created for you. It is unique not only breaking down the basics but covers many intermediate and a few advanced moves. Basic Zydeco review along with many intermediate Zydeco moves. Moves practiced on this DVD are slowly broken down and then practiced at normal Zydeco tempos.

Features: Zydeco Lessons Covered:
  • 60 MINUTES of dance instruction
  • Practice music at slow & normal tempos
  • 13 Intermediate Moves & 1 Cajun Waltz Line Dance
  • DVD Menu to go direct to any move
  • Music by Nooney & the Zydeco Floaters
  • Basic Zydeco Review
  • Outside Turn
  • The Bump
  • She-He Turns
  • Gator Stomp
  • Lunges
  • Lifts
  • Side By Side
  • Hip Hold
  • Hip to Hip
  • Hip Push
  • Zydeco Whip
  • Lafayette Tap Slide
  • Floating Slide with Lifts
  • Line Dance Cajun Waltz